Financial Institution Expertise

Camdeus has a long and proven track record with many of the top banks in Malaysia.

Camdeus has in-depth and proven knowledge in managing and recovering delinquencies for banks and financial consumer debts in the Asia Pacific region.


Managing members by curing and reducing the roll-rates to delinquent buckets while recovering on early charge-off and written-off accounts, Camdeus has extensive experience working with some of the largest banks in the world to partner with them in their receivables processes.


The Camdeus Expertise:


  • State-of-the-art call centre facilities to provide:
  • Receivables management services
  • Front-end recoveries
  • Curing accounts to manage roll-rates and minimizing write-offs
  • Extensive field recovery capabilities to recover early charge-off and written off accounts
  • Ability to accurately skip trace, locate and contact absconded and non-contactable accounts
  • Real-time reports on all recovery activities to assist in maximising results
  • Streamlining processes to manage, recover and handle post-recovery functions:
  • Payment plan monitoring
  • Skip payment (non-payment) monitoring
  • Assist in lump sum payment arrangement
  • Debt counselling AKPK debt monitoring payment
  • Complaints management monitoring

Camdeus has the proven processes, systems and resources for maximum results.


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