Our Associations

Camdeus has joined and been active members of numerous business & debt collection associations in Malaysia and across the globe.

In this world of global commerce, many business-to-business (B2B) transactions take place across time zones, diverse cultures and languages. It is not unusual for misunderstandings to take place over terms and conditions, leading to delinquent debts. Whether the delinquency is for valid or fraudulent reasons, many companies expend precious internal resources to track down no-payers or slow-payers across the globe.


By outsourcing this receivables management recovery process to Camdeus, companies can focus their efforts on other revenue generating activities. Camdeus’ Receivables Recovery Services have been designed to assist businesses of all sizes.



Credit Services Association
League International for Creditors
ACA International
International Association of Commercial Collectors
Association Of Credit Management Malaysia
Malaysian Institute of Management
Malaysian International Chamber Of Commerce & Industry
Ministry of Finance Malaysia
TCM Group