Finance & Banking

Camdeus has in-depth and proven knowledge in managing and recovering delinquencies for banks and financial consumer debts in the Asia Pacific region.

We manage debtors by curing and reducing the roll-rates to delinquent buckets while recovering on early charge-off and written-off accounts. Camdeus has extensive experience working with some of the largest banks in Malaysia (and the world) to partner with them in their receivables management processes.


Industry Advantages
  • Experts in consumer debt recoveries
  • Consistent and proven results in the finance and banking industry since 1993
  • Regulatory compliance with PDPA and BNM (Central Bank – Malaysia)
  • Dedicated team assigned to all major finance and banking accounts
  • Ability to handle early, middle and late stage delinquencies
  • Voice logging provides a complete verbal audit trail of calling efforts
  • Complaints management process ensure timely dealings with debtor complaints
  • Comprehensive reporting and analysis ensures the right accounts are worked
  • Strategic approach to managing portfolios and delinquencies
  • Large database of information and resources to skip trace hard to track debtors

Camdeus has the proven processes, systems and resources for maximum results.