A Few Client Testimonials

Our clients sound off about what they like about Camdeus.

What we like about Camdeus is their people are process oriented and very efficient to work with when it comes time to refer new delinquent accounts to them.
Abdulla P.Credit Manager, Major B2B Distributor
We totally trust Camdeus to help protect our company relationships when following up with our delinquent accounts receivable customers. They also produce the results we expect.
Mr Gurdev S. Co Founder & Managing Director

More Testimonials

We provide services to many of the largest banks in Malaysia.

Camdeus is one of our most consistent and reliable agencies we work with in Malaysia for our delinquent Hire Purchase customers. In fact, they usually fly through all our audits too.
V. M.Head of Group Consumer Risk, large bank in Malaysia
Camdeus was the only vendor we found that had the know how and skill sets to perform to our KPIs for independent field loan application verifications. They do work for us all over peninsular and East Malaysia.
Sara D.Quality Assurance Manager, Verification Client
We knew the Camdeus people and their great reputation from previous employers that our committee members have worked at in the past. We have not been disappointed as they always seem to recover money for us, no matter the type of accounts we give them.
Vijay P. Agency Manager, large local bank in MY