Who We Are

Camdeus Group is focused on the management of our Clients’ Credit Customer lifecycle, whether they are Financial Institutions or Commercial | B2B ventures.


Our expertise is to transform every client experience into a competitive advantage. We integrate our experience with our clients needs by providing the best outsourcing solutions.


Our experience and knowledge, with exemplary standards, makes us one of the leading companies in the area of debt & credit management recovery. Our solutions simply improve trade.


Camdeus Group is ideally positioned to take advantage of the dynamics of the fast changing risk and credit marketplace globally. We adapt to our client’s needs with tailor-made solutions.

Our Strengths

Since 1993, Camdeus Group continues to be a leader in receivables management and debt recovery services in the Asia Pacific region. Our offerings are credible, risk-free and affordable for many regional companies and global MNCs. The results of our work improve our client’s cash flow and helps make managing their past-due receivables one less non-core operational issue to execute.


Our clientele varies across countries, continents and vertical business segments. From banks, insurance, transportation, energy, healthcare and consumer goods companies, Camdeus Group continues to prove we have the people, the talent, the experience and the proprietary technology and processes to properly manage and recover past-due receivables and debt.


In today’s ever changing customer management and experience landscape, businesses need a prudent partner with judicious experience across the business and product life cycle. For Clients – the value proposition here is to save costs, while empowering and protecting your brand.


Our philosophy is quite simple. We strive to achieve quality results by operationally using the latest method of services, processes, people and technology.