What is the Camwise™ Service Platform?

The Camwise™ Service Platform is CAMDEUS’ expanded emphasis on offering a suite of outsourcing services designed to help our client’s manage their credit customers’ lifecycle. It is a hosted platform that does not require any special hardware or servers in your operation to make it work.


Cloud-Based Software

Our Camwise™ proprietary software is the same system that our recovery agents use to efficiently track and recover delinquent debt. We now allow our Clients to use this “software as a service”. No hardware required, just a browser!

Disciplined Processes Built-in

Camwise™ has the built-in processes and automated queueing mechanisms that makes it easy for quick set-up and daily use. Just upload your files to use and start tracking right away. Kiss those spreadsheets goodbye!

Track & Report on Activities

Spreadsheets are OK if you have time to learn & use them to report on your team’s activities. Get current with today’s times by using Camwise™ to instantly report on your team’s progress and results in real-time.

More Features

Here are other key capabilities of Camwise™

Enhance Cash Forecasting

Camwise™ allows your recovery team (or ours) to track expected payments, which we call PTPs, or Promise-to-Pays.

Lower Your Legal Fees

Use Camwise™ to better manage delinquencies and legal recourse issues. Resolve them earlier or from happening at all.

Trained & Operational in Hours, Not Days

We train our new people in a few hours and can do the same for your team using Camwise™. Just provide us some files to upload and you are up and collecting monies due you from your customers.

Reduce Write-offs

Using Camwise™ can reduce bad debts by 15-25% because you identify and resolve disputes sooner, before they are uncollectible.

Get Paid Faster

Companies using Camwise™ typically get paid 20% faster. Good cash flow business as usual. Cash is king and you will be a hero.

Complete Audit Trail

Every activity is logged in the system with an unalterable audit trail. This is important for the integrity of the data so a recovery agent cannot alter key information.

Now View Your Team’s Collection Activity & Results at the Speed of a Mouse Click

Using any web browser on your device, and assuming you have the authority to access ADMIN or COLLECTOR areas, you can quickly review, re-assign and manage your team’s activities and performance.

Simple links in the actual data allows you to drill down into summarised detail at the top level so you can see what is really going on at the detail account level. Click, click, click, done and done.

Start Using Camwise™ Today