Portfolio Purchases (Impaired Loans)

The time value of old debt determines the real value of its worth.

Why Sell Your Debt?


Selling your debts can become an integral part of your recovery strategy with a number of immediate and tangible benefits:

  • Brings an immediate boost of cash to your bottom line.
  • Frees up staff to focus on improving early collections and customer retentions to your core competencies.
  • Avoids outsourcing or re-assigning accounts.
  • Releases valuable IT resources in terms of people, hardware and software.
  • Higher overall returns compared to traditional recovery methods.
  • Reduces or removes the administrative costs of having a collections team.
  • Increased consistency in forecasting bad debt recoveries.
  • Optimisation of balance sheet reserves.

Select the Right Partner


It is critical for your company and its customer relationships that you sell to a responsible and experienced debt purchaser that will be understanding and prepared to protect your valued brand and business. You will need a partner who knows your industry, understands your business and values and has the overall servicing capabilities to work through your debt in an efficient and effective manner. Understanding the servicing strategy and tools (i.e. credit reporting) being implemented by your debt purchaser will ensure a strong and mutually beneficial business partnership.


Do You Already Own or Are You About to Acquire a Portfolio of Distressed Loans?


If you already own or are interested in purchasing a portfolio of loans in Asia, choosing the right partner and servicing company is critical to protecting your investment and optimizing performance and returns.


Take advantage of Camdeus in the debt purchasing process:


  • Experience in acquiring consumer residential mortgages, personal loans and credit card loans.
  • Experience in direct evaluation process in pricing the portfolio.
  • Experience in servicing the acquired portfolio.
  • Experience in administrating and managing the statutory process of debt purchasing, closing process and post-sale requirements.

For debt buyers, there is only one choice after buying any impaired loan portfolios: Camdeus. Outsource the back office servicing to the experienced professionals.