Health & Beauty Aids Industry

Camdeus has receivable recovery activities presently going on for some of the world’s leading health and beauty aids companies.

We consistently recover past due revenue from delinquent distributors and agents for some of the largest health and beauty aid companies in the world. We are mindful of your company’s relationship (both past and future) with this account as we work to recover what is due to you.


The key is always being professional and respectful. It is through these high standards that make us the ideal choice for companies that are focused on the Business-to-Consumer (B2C) markets.


Industry Advantages

  • Experts in health & beauty aids industry debt recoveries
  • Consistent and proven results in the health & beauty aids industry since 1993
  • Regulatory compliance with PDPA and commercial codes of conduct
  • Dedicated team assigned to all major insurance company accounts
  • Ability to handle early, middle and late stage delinquencies
  • Voice logging provides a complete verbal audit trail of calling efforts
  • Complaints management process ensure timely dealings with debtor complaints
  • Comprehensive reporting and analysis ensures the right accounts are worked
  • Strategic approach to managing portfolios and delinquencies
  • Large database of information and resources to skip trace hard to track debtors

Camdeus has the proven processes, systems and resources for maximum results.