Corporate & Social Responsibility

For Camdeus Group, believing and discharging our Corporate Responsibility is a mandate we build to self regulate our business and the way we conduct our work. We ensure that we conduct, represent and execute responsibility in all our business relationships:

Work Environment

We strive on teamwork. We encourage listen and take the views of our staff very seriously, hence creating harmonies workplace that promote actively equality of advancement and opportunities.

The Public

We ensure that our values are a reflection of us to the public. We ensure this with laws and regulations as well as company policies and procedures. This we believe serves as public commitment to our clients, vendors, community and investors as pledge to conduct business relationships with the hight level of professionalism, ethics and honesty.

The Environment

We set the maximum standards to be responsible and whenever possible to reduce the negative impact on the environment with our work.

The Industry

We always conduct our work and enjoy in the recovery business positively, ethically and proactively with our clients and business partners, hence ensuing that we are always their first choice when in need of the outsourcing and debt recovery service.