Accounts Receivables Collections

The cash-flow crisis resulting from inadequate accounts receivable collection practices in a growing business is generally the greatest threat the business will ever face.

Even a profitable firm can be forced to close by the resulting cash crunch. When taken as seriously as client service, Camdeus can greatly help your collection efforts. Outsource or insource your accounts receivables to Camdeus for optimal recovery and cash flow returns.


Our A/R Collection is offered in 2 levels to increase efficiency and manage recoveries on your AR:

  • First Level is a complete outsourcing of the AR from day one input to receivables from billing to recording payments. This function will allow you to free up your resource and focus on your day to day functions hence making it more efficient and cost effective.
  • Second Level is a complete outsourcing when the said AR flows to a certain Ageing. This service is usually on a contingency basis with reasonable and fair charges; No Collection No Fee. Our motivation on this model is to diligently apply success as we don't get paid unless you get paid.

Main factors on Contingency Based Collections:

  • Age of Account
  • Size of Debt
  • Geographical Location
  • Current Status (Legal)

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